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My Star

Of course you DO know that I have my own star. (That should not surprise you.) It is named "elizabeth claire," but you probably could have predicted that. Here is a star map of the general area in which it can be located.Its exact location is listed as:

Constellation Ophiuchus MV: 11.5

RA 18h07m17.07s Dcl. 08d 07' 19.20"

Star # 01100801713

My guess is that it if you find the horizontal hour line, specifically 18h, move slightly to the left and slightly upward, it can be found in that general vicinity.Currently, I am in the process of sending out inquiries to find out more information concerning this scintillating symbol of my cosmic persona, and will update this site when more is discovered. (Yawn.) You will just have to wait patiently!

Suffice to say that my plans continue to be that when I find a way to travel there, I will be looking for others who wish to join me in a stellar commune. Although I am definitely not interested in power or legislating rules, I would like to invoke a few basic tenets, (IT IS MY STAR!) such as the disdain for most "isms," and "ties" (racism, ageism, sexism, hostility, negativity,) as well as a resounding reverence and respect for academic and aesthetic pursuits.

A certain portion of whatever might constitute a day on elizabeth claire will be set aside for undisturbed reading, study, music, and other creative endeavors.

Honesty and kindness will be the most admired personal qualities, and a person's beauty will be based upon those traits, as well as their other deeds and actions.

The rules on my star will be the same as the rules in my classroom:

1. Do the right thing.(Because it IS the right thing.)

2. Follow rule #1.

Anyone want to join me? I need to figure out a way to get there. :)

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